Logo of the School of Transformation of Polynesia and Prayer Update

Subject: Logo of the School of Transformation of Polynesia and Prayer Update

     You can click to see the front page logo of Vision of the Harvest School of Transformation that will officially be launched Saturday, February 5 here in Tahiti.  We had our introduction last week and it was fabulous.  This school is a 5-6 month school, meeting once a week in a setting where the presence and power of God are keenly felt and seen.  There are those who are committing themselves to the school but almost everything that is taught and demonstrated is not heard and seen in this nation.  We provide opportunities for people to visit for free a couple of times to create an awareness of the gospel of the kingdom and the message of personal and national transformation through the renewing of the mind and the demonstration of God's love in a number of venues and outreaches to prove the reality of that love in Tahiti and other islands.
     We are hosting the Holy Spirit in meetings Friday and Saturday night also, where God is given freedom to be Himself.  We have different groups coming to minister also, and flow in body ministry throughout the meetings.  On Saturday mornings Jana is teaching on the voice of God and friendship with God, providing opportunities for that to develop in the lives of those attending.  We also will have ministries from around the world coming to Tahiti as Vision of the Harvest is a gateway for many who otherwise would not be able to come due to the religious climate and control in the nation.

The Vision of the School is 

     To raise up revivalists and reformers who have a passion to see personal, national and global transformation in their God given spheres of influence, experiencing and demonstrating God's love in practical goodness and signs, wonders and miracles as a lifestyle.

This school is open to all French Polynesia with a heart to empower and serve all churches, ministries and leaders in the body of Christ while affirming the place of every believer in their love for God.

     Right now we are meeting with leaders in the political and church arena in the nation releasing understanding regarding transformation in their spheres of influence to see national transformation.  We are looking for a facility to host weekly meetings where people can come from all over French Polynesia to come under the visitation of the Spirit of God happening in this ministry.  Besides ministry to the only prison in the nation, we are working among the poor, sozoing leaders, hosting interdenominational womens ministry, beginning to establish a beachhead for the raising up blazing, global reformers among the youth, ministering to other churches and groups the gospel of the kingdom with miracles and wonders of His love.  Our team sees healing miracles weekly as a lifestyle. Of the nearly 300,000 people scattered over 100 islands, perhaps 2% have a vital relationship with Jesus Christ so we would appreciate your prayers for the school, the reformation unto transformation meetings we are hosting each weekend, the provision to fund all we are doing and more of Him for us and through us for His glory.

                                                                              Dans les bras du Pere, earl and jana
                                                                                           We love you guys!!

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