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Dear Friend,


It takes a lot to intimidate me. I can usually judge the significance of a battle by the attack I encounter before the event. Based on all the indicators, we've got a whopper of a battle coming ... and it's coming fast! I need you to lock your shield with us!


Date:   April 1-2, 2011

Place: Harvard University

Event: Social Transformation


... and now, the battle to stop us ...


You know I teach about the 7 Mountains. If I were to ask you to cite the most influential university situated on the top of the education mountain which university would you cite?


Harvard LogoIf you answered Harvard University, you would be correct! More presidents and government leaders have come from this university than any other.


Did you know Harvard was founded for a Christian purpose? It's true! Founded in 1636, Harvard's intention was to establish a school to train Christian ministers. In accordance with that vision, their "Rules and Precepts," adopted in 1646, stated (original spelling and Scriptural references retained):


"1. Let every Student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed to consider well, the maine end of his life and studies is, to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life (John 17:3) and therefore to lay Christ in the bottome, as the only foundation of all sound  knowledge and Learning. And seeing the Lord only giveth wisedome, let every one seriously set himself by prayer in secret to seeke it of Him (Prov. 2:3)."


At some point, Christians surrendered this territory. Today, Harvard is far more likely to be the intellectual and ideological adversary to those simpletons who dare to practice what the founders advise and "lay Christ in the bottom, as the only foundation of all sound knowledge and Learning."  


Recently a student felt a leading of the Lord to host a Christian marketplace conference on social transformation. I thought it would be a nice idea. My niece just graduated from Harvard and I wanted to go and meet some nice campus Christians, and encourage them with some ideas that could make the world a better place. I would probably talk about how AIDS was reduced in Uganda from 35% to 5% and how murders in a Columbia Prison were dropped by over 50% in one year. But somehow the campus propaganda machine has me cast as a "hate speech" evangelical. This common tactic used to lynch Christians must stop! 


Little did we realize the storm of opposition that would come against all of us -- especially the young campus organizer and his wife. Every conceivable form of harassment, vilification and intimidation has been unleashed.


It wasn't long before meetings with the Dean were required as this conference stirred opposition from a gay activist group seeking to prevent the event from taking place. Failing in that objective, they sought to attack the speakers. This group has been effective at causing the Dean to question the merits of such an event.


The University Newspaper has even published misleading attacks against me and other speakers. According to them, I am not only hostile to gays I am also hostile to Islam!


Those familiar with my work know that I don't talk about homosexuality or radical Islam -- except to demonstrate how social transformation works -- they have been very effective in bringing about social transformation. This Harvard situation further proves my point. It is not the majority that shape culture, rather it is a highly controlled, tightly networked minority of people, moving in unity and shrewdly leveraging influence in High Places that shape culture. The Homosexual community comprises only 4% of the population nationally, but their influence is totally disproportionate to their size. In this one Harvard example, a mobilized minority of gay activists has exerted enough power to nearly stop (and seemingly take hostage) a Christian gathering. 


Understand, this is event is not established to deal with sexual orientation in one way or another! We are there to talk about the role faith plays in projects that benefit and advance the prosperity of communities and institutionsThis is like beating up on Mother Theresa!


So much for the motto of the University adopted in 1692, "Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae,"  which translated from Latin means "Truth for Christ and the Church."


This attack is coming from a spiritual force that is somehow threatened by our presence on the campus.


I need your help to ensure that this conference
takes place on April 1 and 2.


As I said, our host is a godly young man. He and his wife have sacrificed greatly to see this happen. I admire his courage. As the fire got hotter, even other Christian organizations started backing away. With limited funds and limited support, I have come alongside him to help see that this event happens. I told them that I've got a very unique army of "killer sheep" out there and that YOU won't let us down!


But, we need a large number of you to help us make this event a reality. We need the Dean of the school and the media and campus to see the Christian community support this event in a big way!


There are a 3 ways you can help us make this event successful.
But we need you to act today!


1) FIRST - Register for the event then come to support it. A limited number of non-students will be allowed to participate so please register now if you would like to attend in person. Let me I can do what I can to get you a seat.


2) Join us live and watch history in the making! Register TODAY to join us and literally WATCH AND PRAY as we broadcast this event via web-streaming. We're going to need you interceding when the floor opens to questions.  You can bet it's going to get hot at some point.


Plus -- you will hear great speakers and see an historic even unfolding before your eyes! Check the link below to see who is speaking. It's ALL STAR! We believe this event could be a catalyst to re-open the spiritual wells of Harvard.


3) I expect that some of my stout hearted warriors will hear the call to donate to the event! Even if you can't watch and pray via web streaming, consider your donation as a seed to impact the Educational Mountain of Harvard. Come on ... these youth need to see support of the event!


Simply go NOW to the website and make a donation to the event under the donation button on the registration page.


As the Apostle Paul stated, the greater your impact on the power centers of the world, the greater the adversary will fight you. We believe this is what is happening, but we also believe God is greater than any adversary!


Please, please, stand with us to impact this important cultural mountain for Christ and be part of turning the world upside down!


Thank you in advance for locking shields with us in the Coliseum.


Click on the link below to register for or donate to the conference. There is also a compelling video available to watch.



Lance & Annabelle Wallnau

office: 817-552-1800

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