Guatemala: Dramatic healing from gunshot wounds.


Hola, Brothers and Sisters,
We are happy to share with you some of the things God has been doing since our last update:
Holy Spirit Healing School – Petén, Guatemala
In this weekends conference we saw the glory of the Lord revealed.  People were touched by the power of the Holy Spirit as He confirmed His covenant. 
Many were equipped to pray for the sick in a "naturally supernatural" way.  Some of the students took their training to the streets Saturday on lunch break
and returned with testimonies of God touching those they encountered. 14 hours of teaching and equipping in 2 days and 1 night.   Glory to God!
Powerful Testimony
Meet Pastor Elmer.  He is the Pastor of Iglesia (church) Sol de Justicia in Sacpuy.  He testified that he had been shot less than two years ago. 
He was hospitalized and had to wear a colostomy bag due to injuries in his intestines.  Three of four bullets were not removed and remained
in his back, causing him severe pain, as well as the scar tissue in his abdomen.  Friday night as we proclaimed Jesus Healing in the Covenant
Pastor Elmer began to weep as the Holy Spirit touched him and freed him as his pain. He continued to weep throughout the evening because
he new God had healed him.  He testified that he did not have to take any of the medication he had brought with him for the weekend.    
Holy Spirit Healing School for Youth, April 30, 2001 – Petén, Guatemala
Meet Pastor Eulalio and Iglesia, (church) Camino Biblico in Coaba, Peten.  Their congregation has doubled over the last year as Pastor Eulalio 
has mobilized his congregation to visit house to house in their community.  They have outgrown the small wooden structure and have begun
constructing a larger ministry center.  Pastor Eulalio's wife has been fighting cancer and two months ago she has a malignant tumor removed
from her ovaries.  Saturday on our lunch break we were able to go with him to pray for her healing.  Her husband testified that she had been
free of pain that day but we are still contending for her healing. Her name is Cristina Ramos, please stand with us in prayer for her.  
Pastor Eulalio  has asked us to conduct a Healing School seminar for their youth at his church Apr 30- May 1, 2011.  God willing we will be
returning to Petén on these dates.
Pueblo Modelo – Zacapa, Guatemala
Pastor Daniel Salguero and his family. Pueblo Modelo is  a community of poverty, crime and much hardship. Pastor Daniel has been
here for several years and does not plan on leaving.  His church is made out of four wood post and some pieces sheet metal for the roof.
There is no electricity or running water in this community. Their one room, dirt floor home is right behind the church . They all four sleep
in one bed and Liibne, (his wife)  has a cook stove in one corner. On this evening, she made us dinner and we all huddled together and
shared  the love of Christ.
We are starting next week preaching every Wednesday night at Pueblo Modelo! 
Back to Pueblo Modelo. 
Along with Pastor Daniel's church, we invited another churches in the community to come out watch an outdoor movie,  "The Jesus Film" .
As the film started and the speakers where turned up, people just kept coming, about 200 adults and kids total. We have heard testimony
of people coming to Christ just watching "The Jesus Film".  And there are ministries where they sole mission is to just show the film.  We prayed
that God would move on hearts and radically change lives on this day too.  
(There is a lot of  time spent preparing for outreaches, conferences, etc.. as you can see us bagging popcorn for the kids). 
Delivering Food to Mountain Feeding Centers
It is a genuine privilege to be able to partner with Flames of Fire Ministries in feeding malnourished children in several impoverished mountain
villages in the southeast of Guatemala.  We were able to deliver food to three different mountain villages for them.  The feeding centers are partnered
with local churches in the village, who accept full responsibility for preparing and serving the food.  The impact that this ministry has on the lives of
children is truly amazing. 
Honduras Culture
We had the opportunity to spend a week in Honduras, improving our Spanish skills.  While there, we spent the day with a Honduran women who makes
pottery and making my first dish, I realized it is harder than it looks!  She made lunch for us complete with the typical cultural food.  Home made corn
tortillas, black beans, ground pumpkin seed and salt for the tree leafy vegetables.  
US Trip 2011 002Colby and MegUS Trip 2011 122
You are in our thoughts and we thank you and bless you for your prayers and provision. May Jesus Himself be with you for your generosity and
selflessness. Pray for us always, that we will not falter. May righteousness, peace and joy rule our lives as His signs and wonders confirm our message
and follow us everywhere. 

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