Economy Prayer



A Call to Prayer & Fasting for the Budget

July 23 – August 2, 2011


Dear Friends:


These are serious times in our nation and in the world.  In today's global climate, the economy of one nation affects the others, and especially so when it is a nation with worldwide impact such as the United States of America.


So, wherever you are in the world, I ask you to join with us in praying for America right now.  If America follows the Lord, imagine the impact on the world!


That's why our humility before the Lord is so critically important.  Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we must humble ourselves before the Lord – as both an act of intercession and because we are part of America and what we do plays a part in steering her course.


This morning, the White House and the Congressional leadership will be meeting to try to work out a plan regarding the looming August 2nd deadline for potentially raising the U.S. debt ceiling.  Yesterday, these already beleaguered meetings hit a stalemate.  Both sides are adamant and irritated.


There are many ways in which we can humble ourselves and should, but right now I am going to ask if you will humble yourself through prayer and fasting between now and August 2nd.  What your fast looks like is between you and the Lord, but let us do as Mordecai and the Jews in Persia who fasted outside the palace long ago while important decisions were being made inside.


Some people are confused on how to pray, and sometimes it is difficult to convey this without appearing to support one political agenda or another, but we are the Lord's people, and we are to be about His business!  So, whether Democrat or Republican, let's weigh in on the side of the Kingdom and make a difference.


Folks, much lays in balance.  Things are not written in stone and unchangeable.  Throughout the Bible, we see that the Lord intervenes in the affairs of men, and He can surprise us even when it looks beyond hope.




Are you willing to believe this?


Here are some ways to pray:


  • Pray for the nation and its leaders to humble itself before the Lord
  • Stand in the gap for our nation and its leaders in humility
  • Repent before the Lord for any wrongdoing He may bring to your mind on behalf of our nation
  • Invite the Lord into the White House and the Capitol, and ask Him to visit lawmakers and policy makers. 
  • Bind the hearts of our lawmakers, policy makers, and decision makers to the Lord.
  •  Reject the enemy's influence in your own life and in our nation.  Come out of agreement with his plans and purposes, and will yourself to agree with the Lord.  Then, pray the same for our leaders.
  •  Bind up the deception that has been so heavy, and loose the light of God – the revelation – to see through the enemy's smoke and mirrors to the truth.
  •  Ask the Lord to protect the United States of America, to have mercy on us.
  • Ask the Lord to lead and guide this nation.  Let Him know that you want Him at the helm, leading and guiding us.  Repent for pushing Him out.
  • Ask the Lord to protect our economy and to cause lawmakers to cooperate with Him, even unknowingly.
  • Ask for divine wisdom for the people looking for a plan – right down to the number crunchers – that wisdom will pervade through the process from the least to the greatest.
  • Ask for the Lord to bring forth specific details that will get us out of debt, strengthen our economy, and strengthen the dollar
  • Stand in your authority – where you have gained access – and loose the angels and the power of God into this budget process, to push back the darkness and bring increasing light and clarity.
  • Take a stand for biblical principles to prevail in government – that this nation would be led and run by biblical principles – even the principles of economics laid out in the Bible
  • I feel that we need the Lord's hand to come up under the economy of the United States and undergird it.  Let us pray for that.  We need Him to lift up the dollar, but we must not rely on the dollar but His hand that supports it.  (This is very key.)
  • Bind up arrogance, pride, and blasphemy in the midst of these budget talks.   Release humility, reason, and a cooperative spirit in their place.
  • You can "push" the stalemate out of the way and usher in cooperation and progress toward God's plans.


There are so many ways to pray and so many ways you can make a difference.  The Lord may lead you to pray in a way we haven't mentioned here, and that's okay.  In fact, you may want to share it with me so we can join you.  The important thing is that we are praying in accordance with God's will and principles and out of a right spirit.  Beelzebub cannot cast out Beelzebub.  We have to be like Joshua and Caleb and have a different spirit.


One of the greatest things we can do is proclaim the GREATNESS OF GOD and our reliance on Him!  ONE NATION UNDER GOD – completely and wholly reliable on Him! 


If we lift Him up, He will lift us up.





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