Guatemala: Jason and Angie Christman -breakthroughs in bringing Jesus to many!!

Holá from Guatemala!
Teachers are on strike in Guatemala, again!   They coordinate their efforts throughout the country,
blocking major roads with giant boulders
and masses amounts of people. On this day we had a truck load of fresh vegetables and meat that
we were delivering to the feeding centers. 
Food for about 200 meals over 2 weeks. In grid locked traffic,
walked up to the blockade to see if a miracle would happen and they
would let us through, as I stayed in the truck praying.
Jason was interviewed by a reporter and spoke with the head teacher – They gave us
permission to pass!  It was like we were in a movie.  We drove through hundreds of people as they were moving giant rocks and everyone
was starring at us, as we were the ONLY ones that got through that morning! 

We had an opportunity to provide additional food to the families of this feeding center in Naranjo.  Sister Sidia (woman in the white shirt - 2nd photo)
is the director of this feeding center.  Sister Sidia and Naranjo experienced a great tragedy cuasing the feeding center to be closed for a month. 
Several leaders of the church in Naranjo were injured as their truck went off the mountainside.  They were returning from an evangelistic campaign. 
Sisters Sidias husband (co-pastor of the church) was killed and the pastor of the church broke his back.  Many were hospitalized and sister Sidia
was left to take over facilitating funeral arrangements, medical care for others as well as filling in the pastor role in the church.  We provided food
to help fill in the gap for these families untill the feeding center could be reopened.  Thank you to Campus Crusade for Christ Guatemala and the
Global Aid Network for providing protein fortified rice for us to distribute.
These two (2) mothers are from some of the poorest families from this same village in Naranjo. There are so many. Malnutrition and oppression are
everywhere.  It is amazing what the love of Christ can do for a child.   These kids would not come near us, but after the day progressed the girls on
the left got closer and they even began to smile as we were loving on them.
Life here is just hard sometimes. There are so many things to overcome here. From the difference in the culture, the mindset of people and
having to wait and wait some more a lot of the time...... We minister a lot in the mountains and many of the roads get washed away by the rains
and they have to continually be repaired by the men in the mountain villages.  In the second picture Jason is walking back from talking with the
men and asking them if they would make a path for us to pass. After much time, all the rocks were moved and they made a way for us.  It's just
part of life here. 
We shared with you last month about the Lopez family.  Ms. Lopez has nine (9) kids and has no husband.  Her home was washed away and they
are living under a sort of lean to with one tiny plastic/mud enclosed area where they all sleep.  She has a 10 week old baby too. I pray our hearts
never get accustomed to seeing these things.  For $3,000-$4,000 we could build them a brand new concrete house and change there lives. God owns all
the money in the world.  It's ALL His and as He releases provision, we go around doing good, like the Word gives us the commandment to do.
016This is the water hole The Lopez family gets their water from.  For drinking too.
Just another day........serving people, watching where you step and seeing the beauty of God's creation.
Madelyn suffers from a special eye condition where she needed special glasses. This Mom and her two (2) sister took a bus from their home in a
mountain village, where we have ministered and first met them, to meet us and receive her new glasses.  God moved on the heart of a sister in
the states and she had the glasses special made and sent them to Houston to catch a plane with some other missionary friends to bring them here!
Glory be to God and thank you for hearing the Lord and acting!
 Madelyn's glasses 006Madelyn's glasses 013Madelyn's glasses 016
Every month the Missionaries of Eastern Guatemala get together.  We worship, pray together and enjoy some American food!  (the best we can).
Jason and I look forward to this time together as we stand together and reflect on the call that the Lord gave each of us and to remember that we
are not alone but we all serve the same God in unity and faithfulness.  
Please pray for us.  Thank you for partnering with us in all that the Lord speaks to us and does through us. 
Bless you,
Jason & Angie Christman
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