Wild monkeys attack one of our Indian orphan boys, then ge fell off of the terrace.


Dr.Jorge and mother Anna Marie,

  We are very sad to inform you that one of the orphanage boys namely "Sundar Raju' fell off of the terrace due to wild monkeys attack.
   Today morning he just went up to the terrace and handing his cloths. Suddenly band of wild monkeys attacked him. He jumped from the high terrace to the ground out of fear. He was totally collapsed. He did not talk nor move anywhere from the place where he fell down from top. Thank God nothing happened to his life.
Immediately, we carried him to the hospital. We don't have any transportation even.
   His left leg, both bones(big and small) are broken into pieces according to the X-ray. It is very bad and severe now. And also he is not able to sit nor stand. His back nerves are very much sprained.
   The doctor said, his spinal cord is alright except some severe pain.
  The doctor said now, Raju needs to go for a major surgery. Steel plates are to be fixed for tow bones.
Now his leg is swollen badly. Till the swelling is healed, the operation should not be done.
 For now, they have put some bandage till the swelling is healed. And some anti-biotic pills and injections are being given for pain killing temporarily.
   Raju was pure orphan boy. He was abandoned-child when he was little. We have picked him up and raised him up for the glory of God.
You are a great blessing for Raju and the rest of the children in the Home.
He is very much blessing for me in the Church services. It effects me so much for my ministry now.
 He plays drum and signs well. He wants to become a good gospel singer and musician in the future for glory of the Lord.
 Raju does not have anybody to help now from his parental side.
 We don't know how to meet all the hospital bills now. We trust in the Lord. IT IS A GREAT CHALLENGE FOR US NOW.
This evening Yori and I are going to talk to the doctor about Raju operation and the bills.
  Please do pray for God's favor from the doctor.
  And also please do pray for Raju' healing.
                   in His field,
Note: some of the pictures of Raju and carrying to the hospital and so on.

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