An Offering That Pleases God

We are so blessed and have so much to be thankful for as we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  Yes, darkness and evil and persecution are increasing but we know the end of this story and we have our eternal hope by faith in Christ, in Whom our confident assurance rests in His rest, peace, and comfort is given by His Holy Spirit. 

Enter into His gates with thanksgiving,
And into His courts with praise.
Be thankful to Him and bless His name. Psalm 100:4


I am writing to you today to ask you to join me in our family tradition of remembering the lost and hurting. Each year, we take the amount we spend on our Thanksgiving dinner and give an equal amount to help those in need. This is an offering that pleases God and demonstrates our thankfulness to Him.


With trusted and fruitful missionaries in 70 nations, the Great Commission is being fulfilled as many souls are being saved despite the enemy of our soul’s rampage. We ask you to pray for your favorite missionary’s family or choose one in our Christmas catalog below. Bless the children of missionaries as we approach the holidays.  Many have asked for prayers and special Christmas gift offerings to help their children know they are loved and cherished by their friends and supporters across the seas. We also have many orphans, refugees’ children, and widows to care for as the Lord leads so kindly pray and send a special Christmas gift in advance (before Nov.30th) so we can assure the funds get to them ahead of Christmas. You can help give a strong Biblical foundation in children's lives at this crucial time in history!

 *Read below what others say about CMM!

Recent videos: (subscribe to our channel to get updates)

1. Dr Jorge Parrott, shares on the Biblical foundations of "Integrity." CMM College of Theology Doctoral class. 

Why is there such a lack of integrity? It is rampant in every sphere and nation currently. There is more of a pandemic in the lack of integrity than any virus. ‘My people perish for a lack of knowledge.’ There are real-life issues discussed in the class at the end so please watch the discussion at the end.  Please share feedback by commenting on this video and share with friends, family, and groups.


2. Clifton Gadbois, student of several years and a graduate of CMM College of Theology is also in broadcast school and does excellent work in making podcasts featuring CMM’s global family. Here is the latest one on CMM’s freeing of sex slaves in Asia. (It’s under 4 minutes) Listen and subscribe:

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It is now easier than ever to donate to our global missions work.

  1. Text KEYWORD to 980-313-3584
  2. Choose your designation and amount
  3. Fill in your details

Thank you for your essential partnership in the work!




 *Please pray and send in a special, extra gift soon for Christmas presents for CMM Members’ families, orphans and widows, and refugees’ children we have helped rescue to safety.

Yours in Christ together,

Jorge Parrott, Ph.D.


CMM President

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Office address: Fort Mill, SC 29715


Phone: CMM 704-225-3927

Phone: CMM College of Theology 704-909-0623

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Read and share what others say about giving to CMM:

Anthony Miosi

MorningStar Fellowship Church

"this is a ministry of integrity"


Danny El Kouri

4-D Landscape & Irrigation

 Highly Recommended

"A man with a mission to share the Gospel. Pastor Parrott has an undying love for others to receive their salvation. "


Ann Marie Havrilla

The Word and Company

"Great School and great integrity!"


KuzaanClarien vandenBerg

Covenant Lighthouse network

"Kingdom people that have one purpose, to share the Gospel of Jesus to all nations and train leaders through their school."


Melissa Tapio Fort

Passion For People, LLC

"Outstanding people wholly devoted to Our Lord & Savior of The World with a passion for people-all people!!!"


Tom Burns

tdburns, llc

"True heart to show God's love around the world. Reliable group with highest integrity in ensuring that aid/support gets to the people and mission fields where most needed. "


Stuart Bents

Lion Gear, LLC

"World changing missions, education and discipleship."

Ann Elliott

Ann Elliott Designs

 Highly Recommended

"CMM provides connections to many people doing the Lord's work, as well as tools for ministry and encouragement."


Linda Pierce

Chalice (Art Studio & Gallery)

 Highly Recommended

"I've known Jorge since '08, and believe him to be a "good shepherd"."

Sharon Buss

Global Outpouring (End-Time Handmaidens and Servants Intl.

"They are mightily used of God in the Harvest."


Scott Wallis

All Nations Worship Center

 Highly Recommended

"Jorge is a wonderful man of God. A true believer in the power and presence of God. He demonstrates the love and wonder of who God is and shows that love through his daily lifestyle to those around him. A great leader of a great missions organization, CMM."

Earl Thurner

The Desire of All Nations

"I have known Jorge and his wife and CMM for years and they are a ministry of great integrity and compassion and do so much good for so many throughout the world"


Olufemi Babatunde

Physical Therapist

"Passionate about advancing God’s Kingdom and love for humanity. "




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