Updates on Refugee Crisis-Being the Heart, Hands, Feet and HUGS of the Lord During the Holidays!

Thank you for prayers and generous support for CMM Global's efforts to share Jesus along with essential humanitarian aid through our embedded, indigenous CMM Missionaries working in seventy nations. We are sending thousands of dollars monthly to care for many in several Asian and African nations. WIth winter coming in Pakistan many Afghan refugees need blankets and warm clothes in addition to their daily needs of medical care and food and clean water. Please pray about sending a special gift to provide Christmas gifts to show these precious families who fled terror, death and violence to keep their families together. A Christmas gift and a warm meal speaks volumes of Christ's love for those who don't know Him yet. http://cmm.world/2021-christmas-catalog/

CMM has helped rescue 450 Afghanis escape to Pakistan. We are feeding, clothing, and providing medical care. We are working to get a family of 14 out who are true allies of the US and allies for the last 20 years. Pray for their safe exfil. The 450 Afghans are housed in two separate undisclosed locations in a Christian family atmosphere. Men and women are learning Urdu and learning vocational skills to live a sustainable life. CMM helped rescue 26 teen girls ages 13-15 who witnessed their families murdered at the Kabul airport and then immediately kidnapped and sold into sex slavery and transported to Pakistan. Our indigenous teams have worked in their towns in Pakistan to help aid and share Jesus and comfort to fellow believers and even unbelievers during this migration. Our team rescued the 26 girls after careful reconnaissance and a daring rescue at 4am. The girls are now safely in one of two safe houses in PK and being given medical care and nutrition to help them recover. Our trauma triage teams soon will be counseling and praying with them to begin their restoration. 

Blessings and thanks for your prayers and generous support during this holiday season to spread the Love of Jesus Christ. 
*Be sure to check out our 2021 Christmas Catalog and share with your friends, family and church.
Jorge Parrott

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