Weekend International Family Retreat In Georgia-Refreshing Glory Love At Pine Mountain


Friendships are always vital and as time moves forward to the soon and certain return of our Lord Jesus, they are becoming ever more vital. Strategic alliances that impact movements and nations expand the Kingdom as we all keep our eyes on the Lord and His eyes instead of the chaos, darkness, and anti-christ spirits at work throughout the earth today. 

Carole and Ron Collins, Founders of International Friendship Ministries 

This past weekend I was asked to speak at a conference of internationals near Columbus, GA hosted by Carole and Ron Collins. founders of IFMGA.org , which stands for International Friendship Ministries.  Their website is https://www.ifmga.org/ Carole taught at length on inner healing and physical healing in powerful ways. 

Jerry and Ruthie Wickline recommended they have me speak. The Collins' are friends of Jerry and Ruthie Wickline of Kansas, dear long term friends of ours who have traveled with us to Cuba, Dominican Republic, Italy and Switzerland. Ruthie is a graduate of our school. We have known them over 17 years.   Pray for Jerry's full healing and recovery from covid and lymphoma.  

IFMGA Is A Powerful Ministry Carrying and Releasing The Life-Changing LOVE of ABBA!  

IFM bridges cultures build friendships and transform lives.  Sounds a lot like CMM right? It's so beautiful to see, meet, know and partner with other like-minded brethren in the global family of our Lord. It is the time for more real unity in the Body globally! The IFM leaders are amazing in their hearts, creativity, and seeing how the Lord opened doors for them to minister to soldiers and their families from many nations to receive specialized military training at Ft. Benning, GA, located in Columbus, GA.  Carole taught at length on inner healing and physical healing in powerful ways. Their heart is to see them draw closer to the Lord and strengthen their family's lives during their one-year term in the US.   Many of the soldiers are officers and quite a few of their graduates have since become generals in the military in Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, and other nations. 

An officer and his family from Quito, Ecuador

The church that hosted this Family Retreat is led by Dan Rogers, Pastor, River of Life in Hamilton, GA. Dan opened up the conference on Friday night with a great message of all the Lord provides for us. 

Giselle and Jose Real from Puerto Rico shared about marriage and the importance of forgiveness. They have a powerful ministry helping many families in the military to stay rooted in Christ's love. 

The Real family, Giselle, Jose, and their sons with (in rear) Lisette Mesa, my gifted interpreter, Rachel and JD, serving on our prophetic team. 
JD, a young man who lost his father at age 12 and struggled with his family's loss and got into drugs and unhealthy lifestyle, then encountered the Lord in a life-saving, transforming way and shared his powerful testimony to encourage everyone, particularly the younger age ones. JD shared his prophetic gifting and hope-filled message that brought some to tears. 

The Power Of Testimonies

As the Holy Spirit led I was able to share my own background and encounters with the Lord, by His grace, to experiences in the Spirit realm along with how I got into Missions and our Theology School. I shared how the Lord is more interested in our 'being' than 'doing.'  It felt that this was a stretching time for many of them, coming from traditional backgrounds. However, the love of the Lord permeated the whole weekend. It was great to be with the families with their children present in a real international setting. Our hosts Ron and Carole say the world comes to them right here in Georgia.  And how they have wisely stewarded this gateway to the nations right in their own backyard. 

Also, I spoke about what our school is and how it works around the world and invited them to check out our Spanish-speaking school, CMM Facultad de Teologia, led by Gustavo and Andrea Cadena.  (Here is a link to our latest MissionsCast interview with Gustavo, interviewed by Clifton Gadbois: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/cmmworld/episodes/2021-11-15T09_24_12-08_00 )

The Lord had me release many declarations and prophecies to them during the course of several sessions with these hungry flames of fire.  I shared many powerful testimonies boasting in our Lord of healings, signs and wonders. We had a team of three after the conference was over to serve on a prophetic team to minister to the families and further draw them into the Father's heart.  Our hosts introduced me to everyone including JT and Rachel who joined me on the prophetic team. We had a blast in the Holy Ghost together blessing these precious families. 

In the end, I felt led to share an altar call to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Many came forward hungry for more and a fresh encounter with our Living . Carole told me afterward that many are Catholics or come from that background.   

This was refreshing and such a joy-fil0led time. I encourage you to hook up with Ron and Carole and the loving IFMGA family. 

Check out and share our 2021 CMM Christmas Catalog with your friends, family and co-workers.  http://cmm.world/2021-christmas-catalog/

Jorge Parrott 


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