Ukraine, Afghanistan, Cuba, Dom. Rep, Nepal Updates


Ukraine, Afghanistan, Cuba, Dom. Rep, Nepal Updates

​Ukraine-40 million feed 400 million-prepare for shortages and high prices. No more atheists in Ukraine! Brother FD reports from Afghanistan and Osmani from Cuba of fleeing Christians-even pastors telling people to escape the hardship, but the faithful remnant grows as many receive Jesus to stay and 'be about the Father's business' right where they are. 

Pray for the expansion of the Kingdom globally and justice in Nepal and the D ominican Republic.  #people #business #humanitarianaid #ukrainerelief

Thank you for your prayers and generosity. This week we are sending funds daily to help our friends working in Ukraine and nearby nations to feed, clothe, comfort and share the love of Jesus with the innocent refugee families. Many blessings to you all. Pray and give at today.

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