Look What The Lord Has Done! New CMM Church in India with K Paul!

Look What The Lord Has Done! New CMM Church in India with K Paul! 

We are excited to announce another new CMM Church in India with Rev. K Paul.  He is faithful and fruitful! 

We have visited his ministry and saw firsthand the many lives, young and old in his churches and family. We saw many miracles and salvations while there and regularly Rev. Paul is expanding the Kingdom with many salvations, baptisms and solid discipleship.  

CMM thanks our dear Partners for their prayers over the years in supporting K. Paul.  We raised funds for his Christ's Mandate for Love Campus and orphanage and a new playground for the beautiful children. 

Rev. Paul shares this new church and thanks all our CMM Partners for their prayers and generosity!

'Dear Sir,

     Greetings to you in Jesus name. We recently completed the Mule church building construction work. It took very long time to complete the buildin construction work But now it is ready.We give thanks to each and every CMM Donor for he lping us for the church building construction work.
Pastor.Ashok is  incharge for this church.  Previously they used to gather in a small rented house where only 30 to 40 believers used to sit in the room and the remaining believers used to sit our side and listen tp the message. We prayed for the church building construction work and by faith we have started the building construction work. ALL the believers came together and worked for the church building construction work. ALL the  believers worked freely and didnt take money for their labor work.
 Now the church building is ready and 400 to 500 people can sit in  the church and worship the Lord. Every Sunday 450 to 500 believers are attending this church from the villages.
Thanks to ALL the CMM Donors for their Valuable Donations and thanks for the Prayers support also. 
PLEASE go through the church building photos.
in Gods Service,
Christ's Mandate for Love Campus

Thanks again because without YOUR prayers and generosity this would not be possible. Pray and help us win more souls and disciple more saints in India and many nations.  Pray and give at www.cmm.world today.

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