Ukraine Urgent Appeal

 Ukraine Update-URGENT APPEAL

As deep darkness, deception, and division rage across the earth we see the glory shining brighter. (Isa. 60)  The Great Harvest is here. The Lord is limitless, and billions need to experience His love and Good News. In order to finish strong, we each need the Lord more than ever and we need each other so that our hearts will not be deceived nor grow cold. Matthew 24:12  ‘And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.’

When war came to Ukraine a few months ago the citizens rallied together under President Zalensky in defending the sovereignty of their nation. Ordinary families are doing acts of heroism by the sheer necessity to survive.  We know of some friends there who sent the mothers and younger children to safer areas while the fathers and older sons stayed to fight. Thank you for your prayers along with millions worldwide praying for the innocent victims caught in the crosshairs of the horrors of war.

Thank you dear CMM Family and Friends for your prayers and generosity in making it possible for us to send thousands of dollars to help our friends working to bring urgent, priceless aid. We have helped relocate orphans and families to safer areas. To date, over 5.5 million have fled to nearby nations and 7.7 million citizens are displaced within Ukraine, leaving their homes and businesses fighting for survival.

Pray for Amy, Blesson, Ed, Farzad, Justyna and Rafal, John, Mix, Randy, their teams, and others CMM is working with to bless the vulnerable victims and their families.

Our extensive network of strategic alliances and fellow believers has rallied to deliver urgent aid. Some of our CMM friends have traveled there to assist local pastors and leaders in many cities, risking their own lives, to care for others, demonstrating the love of our Lord.  (see John 17:20)

The Body of Christ works together in crises to add integral parts to the tapestry of Abba’s heart to shine His love and compassion of Jesus to heal and comfort.   One area that needs immediate attention is safe water.  Since many families were forced to leave their homes many are sleeping in tunnels, abandoned buildings, and wherever there is room for some rest and safety.  Many reports come in of the lack of safe water. Many families are drinking from streams, ponds, or in abandoned buildings without knowing the safety of the water or pipes. 

CMM feels the urgency to send portable water systems capable of filtering 12-20,000 gallons of water per day.  One of our dear suppliers, Russ and Becky Griggs called me to offer a cargo container of medicines and humanitarian aid.  We ask you to pray and help, as the Lord leads, raise $50,000 for purchasing several water systems and to pay for shipping the cargo container as soon as possible.  If each one of you prays and asks the Lord what He would have you give the needs can be met. You have blessed CMM in the past in emergencies and you have made a huge difference many times in saving lives and sharing the love of Christ.  We thank the Lord for trusted friends with contacts in Ukraine and the Slovakia governments to process the shipment across the borders.     

Pray and give today at under our Rapid Response fund.

Call or email the office at 704-225-3927 should you have any questions

Listen to this 4 minute podcast to learn more.

Thanks to Amy Muranko and Ed Smith for these photos. 

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