Highlights Of Our Amazing Trip To The Holy Land With Chris Reed And Bart Peacher

 Highlights Of Our Amazing Trip To The Holy Land 

With Chris Reed And Bart Peacher

Prov. 16:9 'A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure.'

We are continually blessed and in awe of how the Lord breathes and moves in our lives. As we press into the high calling of Jesus Christ and we grow in intimacy and trust by faith, His love, grace, and mercy unfold in surprising ways. I had not been to Israel since 2017. So much has changed in the world since then as we see the tremendous acceleration of the times and seasons.   Chaos, control, and corruption are increasing at an alarming rate. Our only hope is in Jesus Christ and His righteousness.  

Divine Encounters Abound As We Are Led By Holy Spirit And Make Ourselves Available

 Many churches are led by their pursuit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil instead of the knowledge of the Tree of Life.  As we surrender fully to the Holy Spirit, we learn to walk in deep humility and attentiveness to His whispers, unctions and breath as He leads us into walking in a greater measure of the authority given us by the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

Our long-term friend Bart Peacher invited Chris Reed and me to join him on a trip to Israel. It took several months for our schedules to line up.  It was so worth the wait. Chris is the successor to Rick Joyner, founder of MorningStar Ministries, with a global community of prophetic patriots.  Chris comes from Indiana, where he pastored a church for years.  Chris is a breath of fresh air with his heart of love and anointing in the gifts of the Spirit.  This was Chris' first trip outside of the USA.  What a joy to be with him as we visited many of the holy sites, focused on where Jesus is reported to have been near. Travel to Israel is recommended while we can go to see the Bible come to life in deep, life-changing ways.  (Let us know at the CMM office if you would like to join us on a faith adventure to the Holy Land.)

From left: Chaya, Avi Misrachi, Jorge, Chris Reed, Bart Peacher and Avi's family.

Living In Constant Awareness Of Bombs Coming Any Moment

Bart Peacher was honored by Holocaust survivors from Russia and Ukraine in Sderot near the Gaza strip.  What a powerful time we had to look in the eyes of these elderly folks who had been through so much as they honored Bart for his selfless efforts in raising funds to restore and update their recreation center.  Since Sderot is so close to constant attack by the Palestinians, the residents of Sderot only have 15 seconds of warning to get to a bomb shelter. Every home has to have its own bomb shelter room.  Many bomb shelters are placed close by in the area. 

Pastor Mikael, from Ukraine, leads the local congregation. Many in his church were born Jews but now accept Jesus as their Messiah. His wife does a lot of counseling in many areas but primarily in PTSD from the regular terror attacks.  People in the West have no idea what life is like living in a war zone. This church does a lot of humanitarian aid, giving food, clothing, medicines, and baby items, along with sharing comfort the Gospel to hungry neighbors. The local Orthodox community is trying to shut them down.  Sadly, if they succeed, the Orthodox make no plans to replace the community service done by the Christians. 

Bart has served on the board of Dugit Ministries (https://dugit.org/ ) led by Avi Misrachi. After the recent passing of our good friend, Fred Hoover, Bart suggested to Avi to ask me to serve on their board.  I am humbled and privileged to serve. Avi invited me to meet him in Tel Aviv. This thriving, impactful ministry has borne much fruit. They have a great congregation, a prayer tower overlooking Tel Aviv, and a coffee shop where they evangelize and serve as a loving witness of Christ's love, conducting regular discipleship classes. 

At the Palestinian border in the Gaza Strip. We prayed for both sides of the fence to know Jesus as Lord.  From left: Jorge, Michael Elk, long-term CMM Missionary, Bart Peacher, and Chris Reed.  Michael lost his young wife, Amanda, mother of five young children, last year. Michael lives near Jerusalem full-time.  Michael is an excellent tour guide.

We packed in a ten-day tour into 3.5 days! We visited: Capernaum, the Sea of Galilee, Cana, where Jesus turned water into wine, Mount of Transfiguration, Nazareth, River Jordan, Massada, Dead Sea, Valley of Megiddo, The Temple, Wailing Wall, Easter Gate, Mt. of Olives, Calvary, Gethsemane, Gaza Strip, Mount of Beatitudes, Tiberias, Tel Aviv, and more. 

Near Avi's house at an overlook where one can see almost half of all of Israel. We prayed for the peace of Jerusalem and declared the will of the Lord in this sacred nation. 

We are thankful for your prayers and give the Lord all the glory for many precious moments and loads of revelation at this strategic time in history.  We happened to be there at the same time as President Biden's visit.  Please pray for the USA and Israel to stand together and stand strong against all enemies of the Cross, both foreign and domestic. 

Blessings and shalom,
Jorge Parrott

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