Preparing Goshens-Learning How To Say Peace To The Storms In Advance-Bringing Peace, Comfort and Hope After the Hurricanes!

 CMM asks for your prayers and help to bring aid, comfort and hope to many in Florida, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.  We have CMM members and families in each of these places asking for prayers and much-needed help. 

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Our friend, Pastor Randal Cutter, in Florida, has success in speaking to hurricanes.  Please read and apply the wisdom and truth Randy has learned in your own life and region. 

Dr. Nancy Daniel, the Dean of our CMM College of Theology has been speaking of and encouraging students to find or prepare 'Goshens' in the days ahead.  The CMM Global Family of Missionaries and Students are receiving many confirmations from the Holy Spirit about how the Lord is doing this.  Nancy writes, 

"This is wow! this is a partial word from Nate Johnson shared by Natasha (friend and student) this is what the Lord has been speaking through our school and me lately. "


There has been this strong sudden cry and call on the hearts of God's people to build and establish "out of the box" gatherings, hubs, and places. There has been a strong cry to get up, pack, and leave to find these places. People are readying their families to physically move locations so that they can sow their lives into these places God is calling many to build. Relocation is taking place—God is pulling people out of dead environments and into Goshen environments. They are being pulled out of places that are void of the prophetic decree, future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11) and putting them into places of vision, movement, and action. They are coming out of the false and into authenticity. 

Feet are stirring and beginning to move!

Because of this many have had blueprints drop in their lap and have been feeling the pull to establish communities and places of God's presence, and to those people, the Lord would say, “This is what I want you to build, I want you to build storm houses which will be a place safe from any storm.” They will be like Joseph's storehouses, but they will be storm houses because they'll provide protection for many from the storm. And they will be the ones that not only prepare the Church in terms of financial provision, food and shelter, and safety from the things that the enemy would try to shake in the days to come but they would be the ones that would disciple and raise up people to know how to be effective during these times. There would be those who would raise up an army of people who would fight back against the kingdom of darkness and raise up a people that were effective in the times that they were living in."


At the beginning of this new Jewish year of 5783 Goshen is your promise of stepping into a epoch to be excited about not dread like the news, media, and many fear mongering believers are doing. Fear has not helped you but has BOUND you but right now the Lord is breaking the yoke of heaviness and despair that has been over you for so long. 

It’s time to let hope fill your heart once again and fill your sails with fresh wind to break out of the confinement you have been in. 

It’s time to embrace the protection and provision of the Lord and confidently move forward knowing He is your breaker leading the way for you (Micah 2:13) and your rear guard. 

Soon you are going to look back on the last few years and not see confusion, painful heart healing, awkward confrontation, and the failure and standstill in your previous plans, but you will see how much God was sneakily delivering you from wrong situations and relationships, outdated assignments, idolised doors and vision, limited mindsets, heart issues and trauma, and untangled you from every web that has been wrapped around you for years. 

“Can’t you see that I have been REBUILDING you?” says the lord. “Now watch as from this place I lay the bricks of the movement I have always longed for you to see but that you couldn’t while you still had your hand on the old plow. So pick up fresh hope, shed the fear, and build the years of Goshen with me!” 


Then a few days later the Lord began to speak to me about the mantle of Joseph. And He said to me, “Nate, in this hour, the mantle of Joseph is going to be released over My Church and over My Bride. I'm going to call people into many different places of strategic influence. There are those that I'm going to use to prepare the Body of Christ for these times of great global shaking. These are those that will build and construct and gather for these times. And just like Joseph was in the prison and then was suddenly called to the palace, I'm going to do the same thing for many of those that I'm calling into this mantle; those that have been in a place of imprisonment, a place of dormancy, a place of being stifled, and have been shut down and muzzled.

“But in a moment, I'm going to call them to strategic influence because the Pharaohs' of the earth (while not godly) recognize that they need something and they need someone who carries the Spirit of the living God, and the wisdom to be able to get them out of the bind that they're in. And just like Pharaoh called Joseph to the palace, I'm going to press on the hearts of Pharaohs' and earthly kings, and they will search out these "Josephs" and bring them into a place of influence in the earth.

“And these Josephs, they will carry the wisdom for this time. They will carry the insight and they will carry the know-how to build and construct what needs to be built and constructed to defy and counteract the plans of the enemy—just as Joseph did in Genesis. He was able to interpret the dream of Pharaoh and see the seven years of plenty coming and the seven years of famine coming—the seven skinny cows and the seven fattened calves.

“I'm going to use these Josephs to be able to prepare for what is coming and they will build Goshen," says the Lord. "For right now, many around the world are in fear, and the Body of Christ has been pushed into a corner and have been confused, have lost their future, and have lost the fight. They have been burying their heads in the sand and waving their white flag but they need to know there is nothing to fear because their future is Goshen!”

"Have I not already prepared it?" says the Lord, "have I not already called these people into places of influence? You do not have anything to fear!”

And the Lord would say, “You need to keep going forward—you need to not stop. Why did your dreaming stop? Why did your plans stop? Why did you drop your mantle? Why did you drop your instrument? Why did you drop your pen? For you need to keep going forward unafraid, I am paving and clearing the way right now, I'm shaking off and breaking off the fear and the survival mentality. That mentality that has been over the Church that entered through years of shaking, the years of chaos and unrest. And I'm putting on them the mantle of praise and they're going to forfeit the spirit of heaviness," says the Lord.

For the Lord would say, “Right now I am building Goshen!” So pick up your tools and your mantle and step back into hope for the days ahead are your best days!”


Goshen was a plot of land given to the Israelites from Egypt that bordered Canaan which is prophetic of how we are in the world but not of it. It’s the promise of kingdom immunity and protection even amidst worldly systems and famine, and the fruit of sin. The name Goshen means “drawing near” and is a call to come out of the world, mixture, and compromise and create a greater connection and dwelling with God. 

“You shall live in the region of Goshen and be near me—you, your children and grandchildren, your flocks and herds, and all you have” (Genesis 45:10)

Goshen is your promise of finally settling in the land God has given you after being nomads for so long. 

"Now the Israelites settled in Egypt in the region of Goshen. They acquired property there and were fruitful and increased greatly in number” (Genesis 47:27) 

Goshen is the promise of being fruitful and increasing no matter what is taking place around you. Goshen was the place where God made Israel into a great nation and its where God will establish and plant you and build you. Goshen was protected from the plagues of Egypt which speaks prophetically of how we will be protected from the storms and fluctuations of earthly governments and systems. 

Goshen is a heart posture of intimacy and being set apart unto the Lord. Goshen speaks prophetically of territory and occupation in the enemy's camp. Goshen is an anointing to be blessed and flourish in all seasons. 


 From Wayne Snyder and Osmanoi Sosa in Cuba

From Fernando Figueroa in DR.

From Diana and Keith Carter in Puerto Rico storm damage from CBS News
More photos of destroyed farm in Puerta Rico: (click on English for translation)

Earl Thurner lives in Florida and has family. Earl sends this: Blessings and ALoha!
    Just a quick update from Florida and as you know we evacuated Naples which was hit pretty hard and no on expected Lee and Collier Counties to be hit like they did but more up north but the storm hit in SW Florida.  Our son Damien and his family and his wifes Nicaraguan parents and family are all safe but they are reporting on the news that hundreds of people were killed in Lee County where they live. Our son is a lieutenant in the fire department and staying at the station. and he is asking for prayer today for him and the team as they are the ones having to go in and rescue people but also recover the bodies and there are fires as well so not an easy thing to deal with so thanks for praying for him and the crew.  All the beaches have been destroyed and in Naples many without power and flooding and we dont know how our place is there.  We can only go back when the power is on.  Downtown Naples was flooded and a shark was swimming in the waters.  So we are still in Deerfield Beach on the other side of FLorida and here now through Saturday and maybe longer.  Thanks for praying and supporting us as this was unexpected trip and cost but God is good and the most important thing while we are here is the souls in this hotel and we are taking every opportunity to minister to them.  thanks so much, pastor earl and jana


We will need volunteers, recovery kits and major funding,   CDR AND CMM rely on God’s people to prayerfully support our mission.

Please consider making a generous contribution at This is the fastest and safest way to help.   
Phone service in FL may be down for some time, we will do our best to get it back in service.   Please pray for our volunteers and those affected by this killer storm.

Thank you for caring and sharing!


Dr. Ron Patterson & Jorge and your CMM family

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Blessings and shalom,
Jorge Parrott and your CMM Global Family

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