Your Help and Prayers are Needed For CMM In Devastating Widespread Floods in Pakistan

Pray for Tahir M. and Latif M., both long-term members and dear friends of ours and the CMM Global Family, giving aid to many brethren who lost their homes, animals, and livelihood. 

Respected Brother Jorge,

Please, see the below updates about the devastating Floods

Brief on the overall situation in Pakistan…

Flood Situation in Pakistan Report: -

Over the past 12 weeks, after Nonstop Raining in Pakistan and all the states has been badly affected by the deadly flood, and more than 1/3 country going through these devastating floods. Until now, 33 million people have been displaced, more than 2000 people have died, Thousands of animals have been lost, and thousands & thousands of acres of standing crops have been destroyed and greatly affected the livelihood of inhabitants. Some Roads and bridges break and are damaged and communication totally destroyed. over 1.1 million houses have been damaged or completely washed away, critically affecting 6.4 million people, including 3.4 million children. The death toll reportedly exceeds 2200 people, including about 400 children.

Many of the 92 hardest-hit districts (especially south Punjab & south Pakistan) are amongst the most vulnerable areas/districts in Pakistan, where all the affected older and young children already suffer from high malnutrition rates and poor access to water and sanitation.

The situation will only continue to deteriorate as winter is just 8 weeks away in some parts of the country, and "Food, gas stoves, Crockery, and Water is stagnant, there are lots of mosquitoes. Children and people of every age are suffering from diseases."

Most of the affected districts have damaged public health facilities with all medicines destroyed, and health workers also displaced from their homes. The risk of waterborne diseases is high, including diarrhoea, the number one silent killer of children caused by unsafe water, poor sanitation & hygiene, alongside cholera, dengue, and malaria.

However, according to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Govt. and United nation organization (UNO), Pakistan & international Red Cross Society (P & I RCS), electronic & print media, Local administration/NGO`s/Churches organizations is trying to bring help in process of damage and Reports as below: -

As of date, approximately 2200 people have lost their lives

213 has died cause of electricity & snake biting 

Around 1236 badly injuries and the Hospitalized

Around 763 badly injuries, and under the open sky

Around 11 children had died, but there is no place to berried them. (Cause of Flood Water)

Over 1.7 million houses have been damaged or completely washed away

Thousands & thousands of acres of standing crops destroyed

More than a hundreds Animal has been disappearing

***As the Lord leads, give at HTTP:// . Mark the memo line for Pakistan Floods


How many Christian families are affected and how many realistically we will help?

As mentioned above south Punjab also has been badly affected by this devastating flood, and approximately 1 hundred thousand Christian families lived in south Province Punjab in villages areas.

We, as a church, will try to bring Aid to around 250 families who has been: -

A: Widow family - B: Large family - C: Families with disabled members - D: Orphan - E: Who lost family head and many members

Food Items: -

Wheat flour (2 per family), Cooking Oil (1 per family), Rice (10 Kg per family), Sugar (10Kg per family), Tea leaves (2 packs per family) 250Grham each, 3 kinds of pulses/lentils (110 Kg per family), 5kg per family. Washing soap (5 packet soap per family), Crockery Soap (5 Pac. soap per family), Bath soap (5 packs per family), Salt (4 packs per family), Chili (4 Kg per family), Yeldi (4 Kg per family), Milk (6 pack per family), Crispy Rusk (5 pack per family), Fruit Cake (5 pack per family), Cookies (5 pack per family), Sweets (Sweet Nodal), Pickle (5 pack per family) and clean water (5-7 little 3-5 bottles per family) Etc. Etc.

Gas Stoves: - 1 gas stove each family   Crockery: - Crockery set 1 each family.  Medical help: - First aid and medical supplies (Including Doctors Visit cost and Charges Etc.), including IV tubing, gauze, vitamins, cortisone creams, Brufen, Panadol, and antibiotic ointment Etc. Etc.).

***As the Lord leads, give at HTTP:// . Mark the memo line for Pakistan Floods


Where are they situated?

These all-Christian families lived in the southern province, Punjab it will not be possible for us as a church to reach all of them, but we planned to bring Aid/Relief to about 9-10 areas with 250 families as below: -

A: Village Rangpur, BVillage Liya, C: Village Muzafarghar, D: Village Tunsa, E: Village Saray and F: Village Mahager G: Village Kasur, H: Village Sujaabad Town and I: Villag Bosan Town  


How are we going to distribute the help?

Purchasing of Relief Items

The Relief Committee got the services of a church accountant to take him along during the purchasing of relief items from the market and store them in a secure place. Chairman Pastor Faisal Masih and Relief committee members will also join along with the RCCM Church rescue team during all purchasing. They will purchase Aid/Relief items after negotiating with the supplier for a reasonable rate due to avoid the price hiking in the market. The purchased items are stored in the RCCM Community Church in Multan.

Logistic and Transportation

RCCM Church relief committee & rescue team members will store all relief items at RCCM Community Church in Multan for distribution. Once again, all the Items were accounted by a and church accountant accordingly.

Distribution of Relief Aid

Under the presence of a local Govt. representative, honorable & respectable local older people will Assessment & registered by signature and thumbprint and then distribution will be impalement.

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