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In this issue, we want to feature our long-term friend and CMM Members, Tahir and Saima Saleem of RCCM in Pakistan. Tahir leads hundreds of churches in Pakistan, several in Germany, and in Dubai and UAE.  He and his wife and precious family are trustworthy, faithful, and so fruitful. Please read and view these precious faces and pray about sending in a gift as the Lord leads to www.cmm.world today. 

 ``When you beat your olive tree, you shall not go over the boughs again. It shall be for the alien, for the orphan, and for the widow``.......

 When you beat your olive tree, you shall not go over the boughs again. 

It shall be for the alien, for the orphan, and for the widow. Deut. 24:20

because I delivered the poor who cried for help,
and the fatherless who had none to help him. Job 29:12

Leave your fatherless children;
I will keep them alive; and let your widows trust in me. Jer 49:11

He executes justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the sojourner,
giving him food and clothing. Deut 10:18
(Scriptures are in ESV)

Foreign aid is crucial to the well-being of the 4,400,000 orphans globally. In Pakistan, there are too many who do not have the support of their immediate family to assist them with their everyday needs.

According to UNICEF  the floods have also fully or partially destroyed more than 18,000 schools. The hardest-hit province, Sindh, has had nearly 16,000 schools destroyed alone. Another 5,500 schools are being used to house families displaced by the floods. Thousands of kilometers of road and dozens of bridges have been destroyed, further hindering access to schools and hospitals.  Currently, Pakistan has the world's second-highest number of out-of-school children (OOSC).

Feudalism and often apathy towards social issues can be seen as contributing factors to this scenario. The orphan, poor, destitute children are living vulnerable lives; without education, food, and shelter. After the death or separation of their parents, children are at the mercy of their relatives.  The relatives do not often love these children as an equal to their own children. They are often treated like slaves, The majority of them lived with their relatives at their homes, and some of them were brought to urban areas to find a job. These children often stay in their employers’ homes for long hours working just for earning purposes, working day and night.

Male orphans and destitute children were hired by brick kiln factories, automobile workshops, small restaurants, etc. Female children work cleaning homes, washing pots, and babysitting the employer's children. Male children run away from their homes due to poverty, parents’ separation or desperation, or evil activities such as drug selling, begging, and so forth.   

As viewing the above problems and issues, the RCCM Church of Pakistan took the initiative for the rehabilitation and empowerment of the Orphans, Poor, Needy and destitute young girls/Women for their better future.


RCCM Church of Pakistan made targeted young girls/Women aged (5-22) in the area of YOUHANABAD – Lahore, province of Punjab, because there is a high prevalence of violence, including harassment, physical punishment, sexual abuse, child labor, and ignorance against young girls/Women.


This is increasing day by day. Unfortunately, the lack of necessary measures to combat the issues of Christian Young girls/Women; therefore, they are suffering a lot of problems just because of the voiceless and powerless innocent young girls/Women.


Therefore, mostly fed up with the bad and inhuman behavior of their relatives, they fled from the homes to the cities in search of work or shelter. The increasing number of the vulnerability of young

girls/Women to violence, torture, sexual abuse, and exploitation, and the lack of a systematic and comprehensive strategy to address the situation and protect the young girls/Women.


                                                        Target Group

The purpose of the project is to provide food, clothing, shoe, books, uniform & school bags, sewing machines for skill learning, and medical help.

We offer education, nutrition, and spiritual guidance. RCCM Church of Pakistan targets children aged (5-22) in the area of Youhanabad, Lahore  Province of Punjab, as there is a high prevalence of violence, including harassment, physical punishment, sexual abuse, child labor, and ignorance against the young ladies. 

Thank you for your prayers, and for asking the Lord what He would have you give today. You may give a one-time gift or a monthly recurring gift. Any amount will change a life for eternity.  Pray and give at www.cmm.world today. 


Jorge Parrott and your CMM Global Family 

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