A Fresh Wind Is Blowing Across Kenya

 A Fresh Wind Is Blowing Across Kenya

The Lord loves to meet us in the greatest adventure imaginable, in the faith realm!  For many years I had dreamed of Kenya.  The Lord is always faithful.  All by His grace, He made the way for me to go.  In this remarkable, intense year of breakthroughs in the midst of great challenge we all face, the Lord made my dream come true Thank you to all the friends and intercessors who prayed for this trip and to those who sowed into it. I could feel your prayers every day.

This trip exceeded my expectations by far. The Lord is so good at always outdoing HImself. I have prayed for over twenty years for the Lord to introduce me to remarkable men and women around the world who are making a real impact for the Kingdom of God. He is faithful to connect us at CMM with truly remarkable friends. My heart overflows with how He answers prayers. 


I was invited to speak in Monrovia, Liberia at a leader's conference for five hundred west African leaders, hosted by fellow CMM member and student in CMM COT, Robert Bimba. Due to mechanical problems leaving Atlanta to Paris we were forced to turn back to JFK in NYC thus causing me to miss my flight to Libera, Thank the Lord for technology I was able to speak at the Liberian conference via Zoom for the first two days in Kenya. We have learned long ago that with breakthroughs and pursuing God’s plans, we can expect warfare. The Holy Spirit shows us how to keep fighting the good fight of faith. And when we have done all we can to stand. Jesus is worth it all!

Above is the poster for Bishop Robert Bimba’s ‘Beyond Self-Destined for Greatness conference in Monrovia, Liberia. 


I first met Bishops Daniel and Christine Oyoko in 2004. Then in 2010, I met Bishop Tom Omukhobero here in the US, and we became fast friends.  Another mighty man of God I was blessed to meet on this trip is Isaac Mwagi. All three of these men are long-term friends and members of CMM. The Lord cherishes people of Christ-like integrity as do we, and all of these are fruitful, loving friends of Jesus and CMM.  They are each high-impact master builders expanding the Kingdom, each winning souls for Christ and discipling many in the firm foundations of the Word and Holy Spirit. 

From left, Bishops Daniel and Christine Oyoko and at right Drs.Tom and Pamela Omukhobero

On the 9th of December Tom and I left Nairobi to go to Mombasa at the coast for the graduation on the 10th of 45 graduates of Equip Bible College led by Bishop Victor Matoke. All these anointed ministers work across many denominational lines in bringing substantive unity into all their relationships.  Bishop Victor Matoke and I became fast friends as we shared the common vision the Lord had placed in each of us.  Victor expressed strong interest in joining CMM and seeing how our CMM College of Theology can add real value to Equip Bible School. There is a lot of complexity in partnering with schools; offering accreditation takes time and much effort to maintain the high standards the Lord has shown us for the CMM College of Theology, with Dean Dr. Nancy G. Daniel taking the school higher each of the 16 years we have offered Christian accredited degrees. 

I had been asked to ordain 45 mighty men and women of God after graduation.  It was very impressive to see their hearts and faces and get to know these precious gems in the Body of Christ sharing the passion for souls, discipling the saints, and setting the captives for the glory of our Lord.  

It was a true blessing as well to spend time with Bishop Leonard Nyoike, whose church hosted these two events and provided loving fellowship,  hospitality, transportation, and lodging arrangements.  I was blessed and honored to meet three chiefs of various tribes in Kenya.  The transforming power of God was so evident in all these powerful, humble leaders.  Bishops Victor and Leonard also arranged a leaders conference on Sunday, my last day in Mombasa. 

One of the highlights in Mombasa was meeting Ann Owiti.  

Ar times the vibrations of heavenly holiness and love are tangible and strong when you meet someone. I was blessed to meet then ordain Ann Ogola Owti who started this slum church with nothing 3 years ago and gives spiritual and natural food to hundreds hungry for the love of God through Jesus. Whenever I got near her I would begin to weep and tremble the anointing of the chabad of the Lord opened the heavens. 

Next we went to Kwisero to dedicate land the Lord showed Tom to buy and prepare for a ministry campus with a church near their orphanage of forty children.You can read elsewhere in this magazine whinhis land unto our Creator and all those who would saved, healed and delivered in this place in the years to come.  Plans are underway for the construction in phases in this beautiful oasis of our life in Christ. 

Fresh Revelation of Deliverance by the JOY of the Lord, Our Strength! 

Even though some are poor in terms of finance, they are wealthy in their joy of the Lord and standing on His promises. Some of these leaders are creative, Holy Spirit led business people. We plan to connect more in Kenya with Kingdom financed oriented global members of CMM and students and graduates of CMM COT to foster creative heaven sent business ideas for becoming prosperous in Kingdom finances. This trip really felt like deliverance by joy to be with these precious, God-fearing, beautiful people. It was so refreshing and inspiring. We encourage you to go with this in the fall of 2023 to see all the Lord is doing in Kenya. It is life changing!

Bishop Tom has a real Father’s heart and is a true apostolic leader sowing into many nationwide and across denominational lines. He has raised up many fruitful leaders and connects many for revival and expansion of the Kingdom. This year Tom moved his forty orphans out of Nairobi due to high crime and inflation to safety in this rural area.  What beautiful children they are!  As the Lord leads if you want to help with the upbringing of these precious ones, contact the CMM office. 

Many thanks to dear friends and Ordained Ministers of CMM, Dr. Karen and Steve WIlliams who have sown into Tom’s ministry for many years and in September came to Kenya and Uganda for a month to bless many in teaching and prophetic impartation. 

We then traveled to see Dr. Pamela, Tom’s wife at her clinic that treats many in a rural town with limited healthcare access.  She and her loving staff treat many who cannot afford healthcare with tender care and sharing about Jesus.   Many miracles happen here. Pray for them to receive more medicines and equipment to serve the poor with quality healthcare. 

Drs. Tom and Pamela Omukhobero

Their greetings to the CMM Global Family.Video: Tom and Pamela Greet You!

Every Soul Is Precious 

We then traveled north to Homa Bay, located on beautiful Lake Victoria, where Bishops Daniel and Christine Oyoko have 35 churches and reach many in underserved areas, including the Masai tribe.  They work across denominational lines in discipling many and raising up many pastors and leaders with the five fold ministry gifts.  Daniel had arranged three days and nights of powerful ministry at a field under tents in a very rural area.  People traveled, many walked for hours to seek the Lord in powerful praise, worship, dance and teaching. Many were saved, healed and delivered in power filled Holy Spirit meetings with many lives changed forever.  We rejoice with Heaven in all the salvations, healings, and deliverance that took place. 

We ordained twenty five anointed men and women of God.  

The newly ordained messengers of fire! We are so blessed to welcome in 2022 over 280 CMM Ordained Ministers in Kenya.  We give all the glory to the Lord for what He is doing, all by His fathomless grace! 

While there we visited another Goshen in the making. Daniel and Christine wanted to make an impact for the Gospel in this remote, rural community.  They had a vision to improve the lives of local people by giving away clean, safe water.  They drilled a well and use solar power to pump the water into this elevated tank and give away the water to the community.  Cases of malaria and typhoid have dramatically dropped and many are saved, healed and growing in their stature in Christ. 

Daniel and Christne have installed a large grain mill where locals can come and grind their grain in this community mill, helping them to become more self sufficient and live longer, healthier lives.

Video: Many churches youth groups visited for praise!

The younger generation find hope and joy in being a part of ministry and are encouraged to celebrate the Kingdom culture in music, evangelism and a Christian lifestyle. 

Video: Daniel and Christine share from the heart their passion!

There were many salvation, healing and powerful deliverances that took place. We preached and called out witchcraft, demonic influence and the power of the Spirit in Truth knowing the name of Jesus and His blood are stronger than anything from the enemy of our soul.  Those who experienced deliverance found peace at last and were truly transformed by the power and by the authority we have in Jesus Christ.  

A big thank you to CMM Partners who prayed for and sowed into this trip and the many meetings boasting in te Lord and His grace being poured out in Kenya. After our time together Daniel shared this:  ‘Let us remember those moments we were traveling together, and most importantly was your presence with us in Kenya with other Kenyans everywhere you set on your feet for Jesus Christ. Your coming to our place was very incredible, very remarkable and will be unforgettable in human historic life of with God in what we are doing for Him in our areas. We were so impressed and blessed by your delivery of the teachings that you truly taught to the believers and to the bone believers who got salvations and healings.

Secondly, the generous giving that you gave to bless the meetings. People were well fed, fill with waters they took and so on. Even the transportation s of the bus, the transportation of the pickup that brought our equipment and the singing team, Pastor Kevin's car when William left to attend his sick mother. It was a great deal of the Kingdom heart center of the heart of God. The Saving Gospel of Christ is the heart of the CMM and Leadership. We give thanks to the Lord for your works.

The ordinations you did  me and Christine to be Bishops. And to other ordinations you did to other Pastors were the most designated honours to all of us. Thanks to the Lord again and again.’

Bishops Daniel & Christine.


There is much more and these are just a few of the highlights of this powerful time in Kenya.  Join us in prayer for all the Lord is doing in this great nation and her beautiful people who believe in Jesus Christ.  Pray for the revival and reformation of the entire nation in every sector of society to encounter the beauty of the Lord’s holiness in the coming days.  

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