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Thanks For Helping Us Change The World
CMM News Desk
Aug 9, 2006



Cuba, Bolivia, Dom. Rep., Ghana, Guatemala, India, Israel, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Spain, Thailand & wheresoever He leads.

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 Greetings Friend,

Is the presence of God in this new movie, The World Trade Center?  

Visit http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/8/92006c.asp

Are you called to go on a mission trip?  A team is forming to go to The Philippines in November. CMMP is a thriving, dynamic, ministry with much fruit.  If you want to know more, contact the office at 704-225-3927.

Visit CMMPhlippinesInformation and photos

What is the significance of the current war in Israel?  Read what Dr. Peter Wyns has to say about Israel's inheritance at: Israel's Inheritance

 Help CMM reach the nation's with proven, faithful, effective missionaries in many nations, and timely messages and teaching from our US Team of Speakers. Call or write today to arrange a CMM speaker at your church or in your city.

Please forward this to your family and friends.  Your CMM mall has almost 1,000 stores to help you save gas,

keep cool, and reach the nations with God's love.

Email us your prayer requests at officecmm@gmail.com  Mail in your gifts to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC .28241.

Blessings to you and yours from all the CMM family, staff, and volunteers.

August, 2006

Hi Christ's Mandate For Missions Supporter,

Thank you so much for doing your shopping through our Christ's Mandate For Missions Shopping Mall. Isn't it exciting to know that every purchase you make helps in our mission to help make the world a better place?

We're also excited to share two new ways you can impact your community and the world. We know most people want to make a difference with their lives - they're just not sure how to do it. We're going to share a couple ideas with you every week.

  1. Spend an afternoon with someone you know is lonely. You don't have to make it just once. Lonely people are in need of friendship. Decide to drop by every week. Send them notes. Become a lifeline for just that one person.

  2. Look around and find a kid who needs to know they matter – there are way too many of them. Determine to make that kid know someone believes they are special. Send them a card or note every week (at least). If you know what they are interested in, send them articles about it. Send them stories that will build their self-confidence and inspire them to be all they can be. Let them know you care.

It isn't just the big things, it's also the little things we do everyday that make a difference. One of those little things is shopping on the Christ's Mandate For Missions Mall. Isn't it great to know that an everyday purchase will help change the world?

With nearly 1,000 stores, you will be able to find your favorite store. Don't see it? No problem. Use this link to find it.

Have a wonderful week and don't forget to "Shop To Change the World"!

Some fun, "Let's Celebrate" reasons (excuses) for shopping this week are: National Lighthouse Day (7th), Sr. Citizen's Day (8th), Book Lover's Day (9th), Lazy Day (10th), National S'mores Day (10th), Son and Daughter Day (11th), Middle Child's Day (12th), Left Hander's Day (13th)


$28.00 will go to:
Christ's Mandate For Missions

  • New Subscriber offer

  • Un1imited plans - $19.99/mo

  • Business and Residential

  • Comcast.com

    $24.50 will go to:
    Christ's Mandate For Missions

  • Hi-Speed Internet

  • Fr~ee Digital Music/Videos

  • Limited Time $75 ca~sh back

  • Italian Charm


    14.00% will go to:
    Christ's Mandate For Missions

  • Sa1e as low as $.99!

  • Clearance up to 60%

  • Back to School Sa1e!

  • Newspaper Subscriptions
    Newspaper subscription

    14.00% will go to:
    Christ's Mandate For Missions

  • Sa~ve over 50% on subscriptions

  • National Newspapers

  • Regional & Large Local Newspapers

  • FractionPrice.com

    Up To 75% Off Handbags!

    10.50% will go to:
    Christ's Mandate For Missions

  • Designer Inspired Handbags

  • Sunglasses-Buy 2, get 1 Fr~ee!

  • Lovely Celebrity Jewelry

  • Palm Beach

    Pendant 125x125

    7.70% will go to:
    Christ's Mandate For Missions

  • 30-day Guar~antee

  • Up to 71% Internet Exclusives

  • Up to 80% Sav~ings on Fragrances

  • Solutions

    120x90 Pool Party Solutions

    4.20% will go to:
    Christ's Mandate For Missions

  • Everything from Indoor to Outdoor!

  • Web Exclusives

  • Unconditional Lifetime Guar~antee!

  • music123.com
    Banner 10000035

    3.50% will go to:
    Christ's Mandate For Missions

  • Play Now - Pay Later plans

  • Up to 75% Outlet Savings

  • 45 Day Return Policy

  • Macys.com
    Macy's Promotional Banner 125x125

    2.80% will go to:
    Christ's Mandate For Missions

  • Semi-Annual Jewelry Sa1e!

  • Lingerie Event

  • Dis~count Closeouts!

  • Additional stores coded for Christ's Mandate For Missions.

    Tickle - 56.00% National Contractors - 52.50% Mr. Ink Man - 38.50%
    PC Security Shield - 35.00% One Minute Millionaire - 35.00% The Ladders - 28.00%
    AllZines.com - 28.00% Hot Product Outlet - 21.00% 123lasertoner - 18.90%

    EVERY Day can be Shop for Christ's Mandate For Missions Day!

    Use this link to access the Christ's Mandate For Missions mall.


    Purchase just one gift a month and make a difference to our mission!



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