Urgent Need For 5 New Wells For Flood Victims in Pakistan


Pray For Urgent Need For 5 New Wells For Flood Victims in Pakistan

From long term CMM member, Latif Masih:

Dear All CMM Global Family,


Please see the photos below to get a clear idea of the massive devastation and the urgent need.  Pray and ask the Lord what He says to make your best gift in offering hope and Jesus to many hurting folks at HTTP://cmm.world today!    These wells cost $1,500.00 USD each. 

Our group of pastors lived in TANDU ADAM (Sindh province Pakistan) they are much affected by floods along with Church families. They are facing many problems like food, Clean Water, Hygiene Facilities , Houses has been destroyed. Their wells have become dirty. No safe and clean water is coming out. Just dirty water is coming. 

Diseases are increasing day by day in the areas because of dirty water. I would like to humbly request all my global families, please pray for bad situations open your heart to give www.cmm.world

So we may able to drill 5 urgent wells

Thank you very much for your generous support flood victims Pakistan distribution held on October 19 at Christ Church Noshara province  KPK Cantt number of families 👪 have received food by the grace of God through your generous donations of our CMM family globally.

God has always been mindful of the poor, the indigent and the unfortunate, those beset by poverty, suffering as widows, orphans, or victims of natural disasters.

Yours in Christ,

Latif Masih

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